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Hear what Uppsala University researchers have to say on different hot societal issues. Here you will find facts, new viewpoints and knowledge that is both deep and broad.


How do you build computer systems without compromising your work environment? Are robots a threat to wage development? What obstacles do newly arrived Swedes meet in the labour market? There are many challenges in today's working life and a lot of research is ongoing in the area. Here are some examples.

Spotlight on today's working life

Renewable Energy

What will happen if, for example, the Nordic nations switch to renewable energy? What changes would it bring and what new demands would it make on our electricity system? Several green energy solutions are being studied at Uppsala University. Some, like wind and solar power, are already on the market, while others are at an exploratory stage. Scientists have found a way to extract energy from bacteria, for instance.

Spotlight on renewable energy


Thanks to advances in treatment options, the chances of surviving cancer are better than ever before. However, new forms of therapy are expensive and there is a risk that the number of cancer cases will double in the next 25 years. Despite major advances, medical science is facing ever greater challenges. At Uppsala University, however, researchers are positive about the future. Here we showcase a few examples of all the ongoing research on cancer.

Spotlight on cancer

Antibiotic resistance

Antibiotics save lives around the world every day. But the growing problem of bacterial resistance is a serious public health threat, which the European Antibiotic Awareness Day calls attention to each year on 18 November. If we are not able to overcome the difficulties of developing new antibiotics and making sure they are available worldwide, antibiotic resistance will continue to be one of the greatest threats to healthcare across the globe.

Spotlight on antibiotic resistance


Democracy means government by the people, but how is the will of the people realised? In recent years, populist parties critical of parts of our democratic systems have won growing numbers of votes in general elections. One of democracy’s problems today is ‘alternative facts’ or half-truths being spread online. What news can one actually trust?

Spotlight on democracy