Culture at Uppsala University

Museums, orchestras and choirs, exhibitions and cultural settings. The cultural offerings at Uppsala University are unique.

Did you know?

  • Uppsala University has several museums. Large collections of art, science history and cultural history have been tended in Uppsala since the Middle Ages.
  • Uppsala has a rich musical scene on offer to both audience and musicians. The Royal Academic Orchestra was founded in 1627.
  • The Botanical Garden is home to thousands of plants from the Scandinavian mountains to dry deserts and drenched rainforests.
  • The Silver Bible was donated to Uppsala University in 1669.
Decorative image: actors acting in the University Grand Auditorium

Uppsala: Small town and growing city

Decorative image: the Fyris River and Uppsala Cathedral

The town of Uppsala

Things to do & current events: Destination Uppsala

Uppsala is Sweden’s fourth largest city and one of its oldest. Ever since the Viking Age it has been an important cultural centre. Uppsala is a rapidly growing city and is becoming increasingly integrated with the wider Stockholm region, Sweden’s most dynamic growth region. At the same time, Uppsala has kept many of its small-town characteristics. Offerings are myriad, but everything is close by – often within convenient cycling distance. The compact city centre with the Cathedral, the River Fyris, and several small squares, parks, cafés, restaurants, and historic buildings lend the city its character.